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Apron & Knife Roll Bundle


Save some cash and freshen up your chef style with one of our discounted bundles. Have a clean apron for every day of the week or share with a friend.  This bundle includes four chef bib aprons of your choice and one FREE knife roll of your choice.  Save $150 with this chef bundle! 

How it works 

Step 1. Choose your apron size.

Step 2. Choose your knife roll color.

Step 3. Choose your apron color colors + strap styles from the grid below. Mix + Match - have fun! Below you'll find a brief overview of each fabric. 

Apron Colors 

Click each color for more info. & photos! 

Black: 11 oz denim, soft hand, a tiny bit of stretch

Cobalt Grey: 11 oz Japanese denim, very soft weave, feels lighter, a bit of stretch 

Salt +Pepper: 10.5 oz Cone canvas, stiffer feel, beautiful white/black weavve

Olive: 14 oz Cone denim, the heaviest weight denim we have, will break in like your favorite pair of jeans

Sage: 9 oz Cone denim, lighter weight, soft feel

Burgundy: 9 oz Cone denim, lighter weight, soft feel

Honey Gold: 10 oz canvas, rugged feel

Knife Roll Details

  • 11.25 oz waxed canvas exterior
  • leather wrap closure
  • spoon pocket
  • moleskine sleeve
  • 10 slots (3 small, 4 medium, 3 large)
  • fits a 300mm knife w/ saya
  • waxed canvas sheath and leather guard
  • 29" x 21" 

Knife Roll Colors (click each color for more info./photos)




Field Tan



Apron Size Chart

Small 38" W x 31" L

Medium 30" W x 34" L

Large 34" W x 34" L

Apron Size

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