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Mystery Chef Apron + Knife Roll Combo Kit


Who doesn't like a little surprise? Save some serious cash when you let us pick the apron and knife roll for you. This is the upgrade you've been waiting for. Protect your tools and look good doing it. 

Simply choose your apron size and strap style from the dropdown menus below and we'll do the rest. 

Each chef apron is made in our signature style with a single waist pocket and slanted chest pocket perfect for your sharpie and tweezers. Each pocket is reinforced with bar-tacks at every stress point. We use premium denim and canvas to create a unique and durable apron you'll be proud to tie on.

Knife Roll Details

  • 11.25 oz waxed canvas exterior
  • leather wrap closure
  • spoon pocket
  • moleskine sleeve
  • 10 slots (3 small, 4 medium, 3 large)
  • fits a 300mm knife w/ saya
  • waxed canvas sheath and leather guard
  • 29" x 21" 

Apron Size Chart

Medium 30" W x 34" L

Large 34" W x 34" L

Strap Style

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Quality build to protect all my kitchen essentials

The new knife roll had to meet 4 criteria:
1. Made of high quality materials built to last
2. Had to be long enough to carry a 240mm slicer + saya
3. Had to have a slot for a mandolin
4. ...and a zipper pocket for small tools

Every inch of this roll speaks to its thoughtful design and manufacturing. The waxed canvas is thick & stiff, which I’m sure it will soften over time. This knife roll provides 9 slots that come in 3 sizes:
- Large slots (fits 3.5cm / 1.5" diameter) wide enough for honing rod
- Medium slots (3cm / 1.25") my slicer & petty
- Small slots (2.5cm / >1") surprisingly wide enough to fit my chef's knife, but I save these for paring knife and tweezers

Adjacent pocket can fit a Benriner #64 mandolin. Keeps the roll flat and balanced, otherwise the roll would be lopsided where the knife handles are. All miscellaneous tools are kept in the zipper pocket. It’s big enough to carry 2 aprons 20cm/8" long and 8cm/3" in diameter. All my kitchen essentials in one secure bundle. Nothing is spilling out and it’s ready to go when I'm on the move.

Mystery apron and knife roll

Amazing quality in both the apron and knife roll! I was beyond happy with my purchase!

Very happy with the apron and knife carrier

These are a gift for a guy who is a major foodie and the apron specifically is the best apron I have ever seen for a guy to sport.