Chopchop | Ep. 1 | Britty's Kitchen

Chopchop | Ep. 1 | Britty's Kitchen - Valentich Goods

Welcome to Chopchop - an interview series showcasing the chefs, cooks, and industry professionals we love here at Valentich Goods.

Join Ryan for a chat with Britt and Holly of Britty's Kitchen! Britt is a digital creator and home chef, dedicated to showing every part of the weeknight dinners he cooks for Holly. He makes EVERYTHING from scratch and we absolutely loved our conversation.

Watch the full interview below. Or if you prefer to read, scroll down for the transcript. 

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brittys kitchen (00:47.214)
I brought a prop.

Ryan (00:49.683)
What'd you get? Oh, a roll? Nice, awesome, sweet. Sweet, awesome, good.

brittys kitchen (00:53.468)
Yeah, wouldn't travel without it, you know? I'm doing a bunch of cooking here for my family, so... Yeah.

Ryan (01:01.071)
Cool. I want to get into that. I'm seeing questions and stuff coming up. But first, if we could just start out with a brief and go to who you guys are. Just name and where our followers can find you.

brittys kitchen (01:21.486)
Okay, yeah, so we are Britty's Kitchen. I'm Britt and this is Holly. And you can find us on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube at the moment. TikTok is Brittie's Kitchen with three Ns. Instagram is Britty's.Kitchen with two Ns. And...

Ryan (01:42.441)
Okay, we'll link that too in our description.

brittys kitchen (01:44.222)
Yeah, sweet. And then if you just search Britty's kitchen and YouTube, you'll find us where right now we're just doing shorts on there. But soon we will be doing long form educational cooking videos like six to 10 minutes. Yeah.

Ryan (02:00.635)
Awesome. Can't wait. Can't wait for that. Well, first question. Are you cat people or dog people?

brittys kitchen (02:04.706)

brittys kitchen (02:11.554)
Both. Yeah. So we got together and I had a dog, she had a cat and sounds like an Avril Lavigne song. But so but our cats and our cat and dog like that was the first hesitation we had about moving in together was whether our cat and dog would get along. And now they sleep together when we aren't around when we're around that kind of beef a little bit but they love it. Yeah, there's they're just showing off.

Ryan (02:36.456)
just showing up.


brittys kitchen (02:40.114)
Yeah, so, but I've turned into a cat person and I like to think she's turned into a dog person. Yeah, so Tom and Nina. Tom and Nina are their names.

Ryan (02:46.199)
Awesome. Nice. Pardon me? What? Okay, very good. Awesome. Yeah, we're better both to two, three cats and it's great. Great. Yeah, yeah.

brittys kitchen (02:56.139)

brittys kitchen (02:59.676)
Two dogs, three cats? How many of the cats are outdoors?

Ryan (03:04.551)
They're whatever. We bring them in at night because if they party all night, then they're like, you know, turn into like wild animals, so.

brittys kitchen (03:06.112)
Oh yeah.

brittys kitchen (03:13.298)
Yes. Do you all live in like a suburb type area or a metropolitan?

Ryan (03:18.771)
We are super rural. We're on a few acres up in the country. So yeah, we've actually got about 14 cows out there right now. So to give you an idea of how rural.

brittys kitchen (03:34.051)
One, two, three.

brittys kitchen (03:37.57)
We've actually been talking about wanting to go super rural with cows and chickens and stuff. That's like our dream. Because like I can do what I do from anywhere. And Holly does meditations and yoga and stuff so she can do that.

Ryan (03:44.283)
Yeah, it's...

Ryan (03:52.935)
Hell yeah, awesome. We just got 20 guinea fowl too. So we're excited. We're raising those up. They're like three weeks old. And the plan is they will destroy the grasshoppers next year. Full ground like dinosaur. So yeah. Number two, were you formerly, formally trained?

brittys kitchen (03:53.905)

brittys kitchen (04:03.458)

brittys kitchen (04:09.47)

brittys kitchen (04:13.098)

Ryan (04:22.044)
as a chef or educator.

brittys kitchen (04:23.538)
No, I wasn't. This is where my story gets like, very personal. So like, I grew up like having a basic knowledge of cooking and stuff. And like, I could always throw together something that tasted good. And then I developed like a bad drug problem. And I ended up in rehab. And while I was in there, like, I found myself being like dad, pretty much. And

cooking every night for like six to 10 dudes and really realized I was good at it and I loved it. And I loved, you know, creating new things and they really relied on me and it really springboarded me into doing a bunch of research. I became a bit of like a food historian and not just your average home cook. I'm kind of like, I might know deeper knowledge than-

people have gone to culinary school, I might not know how to chop an onion as well as them, but you know, might have a better knowledge of flavor and where it came from, which is kind of what I care about is respecting cultures and flavors and you know, where they come from and why they were cooked. And you know, yeah, that's my answer for why, whether I'm professionally trained or not, it's a little complicated.

Ryan (05:26.931)
For sure.

Ryan (05:46.761)
Awesome. So when was that? How many years ago was the rehab?

brittys kitchen (05:49.526)
That was in 2019 for cocaine addiction. And let's see, so I got out of there in 2020 and right in the middle of COVID, so I was just kind of bored in the house and just kind of like cooking a lot just for myself and posting pictures and stuff on Instagram on my personal account. And then I started.

dating Holly a little over two years ago. And once I had like a person back in my life that I was cooking for, I really like, it ignited the passion again. And my sister and her husband live out in LA and they're both involved in like film and modeling and the like. And they really encouraged me to go into content creation with it.

Ryan (06:46.975)
Sweet, yeah, it's awesome. I don't watch a lot of social media stuff, but Jill showed me some of your stuff, and it's just, I love those hard jump cuts, and the sound is so good. I just like, I could just listen to it, and not even watch it. So, yeah.

brittys kitchen (07:03.074)
Sweet, yeah. We like to do it a little different than a lot of people are doing it these days. A lot of people are doing like overly stylized, like kind of gimmicky food, where it's like just like an absurdly cheesy sandwich or something like that. And we actually, you know, I like to, I film every single little step in detail of cooking like a really intricate dish. And I'm not too worried about like lighting and stuff. It's just kind of raw. And I think, you know,

It's a mixture of whether people and brands like that or not. They like to watch somebody slow motion drop a piece of cheese onto a sandwich or something. I'm not hating. We like to cook real food and show the whole process. So try to be authentic with it.

Ryan (07:44.883)
That's fired.

Ryan (07:48.723)
Fuck it.

Ryan (07:58.015)
Sweet, awesome. Let's see, where do you guys live?

brittys kitchen (07:58.911)

brittys kitchen (08:03.006)
We live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana currently.


Ryan (08:07.364)
Okay, that's a quick one. All right, number four, where are you most at peace? The mountains, the desert, or the ocean?

brittys kitchen (08:19.066)
That's a loaded question with what we've been going through right now at the beach. So I'll let Holly answer that one first. Well, in Louisiana, I've grown up there my whole life and it's very swamp land, very flat. And I visited Asheville, North Carolina two years ago and I fell in love with the mountains and I've always loved the mountains.

hiking and being out in nature and connected to forests and trees. And so I'm going to answer and say mountains. Yeah, I'm going to say, well, I grew up surfing at the beach and. But I do have a soft spot for the desert. Like Sedona, which is desert ish mountain ish. That's kind of like.

Ryan (08:55.775)
Sweet, same here.

brittys kitchen (09:16.042)
my favorite place in the world. I'd like to take Holly there someday and maybe move there someday.

Ryan (09:23.419)
Is Sedona like an energy center or what's the...

brittys kitchen (09:27.114)
They got all those vortexes and all that good stuff. Yeah, a lot of people doing sound baths and good stuff like that. It's a good time. Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Ryan (09:35.811)
The alien traffic. All right. So you've never worked in a kitchen. Is that.

brittys kitchen (09:46.246)
Um, I've, I like, so I, when I was in treatment, I worked in a coffee shop and I ran the kitchen there, but that was only for like a month and a half. So yeah, that's the only kitchen experience I have. But I'm kind of proud of that. I don't really want to work in the kitchen too badly. I like, I like cooking for like large groups. What I want to do is have like a supper club type thing.

Ryan (10:07.583)
to share.

brittys kitchen (10:15.566)
wherever we're at and just of like word of mouth friends and friends of friends and stuff. That's the closest thing I could get to a restaurant. Unless I own the joint and can make people cook what I want them to cook, which I don't.

Ryan (10:33.503)
Cool, so this next question is maybe in the future or a hypothetical. Okay, the salmon is served with mashed potatoes, but they want regular potatoes. What's your move?

brittys kitchen (10:49.098)
mashed potatoes. They're gonna make what I want them to eat. They're gonna eat what I want them to eat, yes. They're not gonna make it, no. So like, that's a big thing. And it's kind of like something that a lot of people hate when it comes to food culture is like the, I guess it'd be like the snootiness or something of the chef is always right. But

Ryan (10:52.787)
They're getting the wasabi.

Ryan (10:56.832)
They're not regular matching. Okay, the testimonial's not always right. Okay.

brittys kitchen (11:19.378)
I think when it comes to mashed potatoes over regular potatoes, it's such a huge texture difference that there must be a reason that mashed potatoes are being served for texture purposes on the plate.

Ryan (11:32.147)
I might have botched that question a little bit. Um, I guess the main difference was the wasabi mashers and regular mashers, but well, yeah, moving on.

brittys kitchen (11:36.12)
I think I've watched the answer, so it's...

brittys kitchen (11:46.018)
Oh, okay. Well, I think either way it works out.

Ryan (11:49.871)
Okay, okay. What is your dream vehicle?

brittys kitchen (11:54.591)
Ooh, that is a fantastic question.

Ryan (11:58.239)
truck, van, car, anything that...

brittys kitchen (12:01.53)
I actually would prefer to not have to drive a car around. I'd like to have an Airstream or something on a big property. But I guess if I were to say something, so my first car was a 96 Land Cruiser and I loved that thing to death. It was my favorite car in the world and I think I would want a retro truck, something like that. Not a pickup truck, but a retro SUV.

Ryan (12:30.127)
No Bluetooth. No. That's how.

brittys kitchen (12:31.794)
No, absolutely not. No. Maybe I can plug in something and get a little radio signal and Bluetooth my phone to the radio signal, whatever that is. Remember that? What about you, Holly? Uh, no vehicle. Don't want one. We don't want to move around too much.

Ryan (12:42.943)
Oh yeah.

Ryan (12:48.231)
Nope. Okay.

Ryan (12:54.842)
Alright. Better chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-A or Wendy's?

brittys kitchen (12:59.666)
Ooh, that's Chick-fil-A. Yeah, Wendy's better chicken biscuit, I think. Wendy's makes a better breakfast biscuit than Chick-fil-A. But yeah, the Chick-fil-A sandwich, Wendy's is a little cragglier. It might be a little crunchier, but the spices aren't as good.

Ryan (13:01.278)

Ryan (13:21.631)
True, and the service at Wendy's.

brittys kitchen (13:23.982)
is awful. It's yeah, it's I'm pretty I'm convinced that they're trying to piss people off.

Ryan (13:25.971)
be scary.

Ryan (13:32.771)
Yeah, man, Chick-fil-A, they're...

brittys kitchen (13:37.234)
Yeah, they're great. I mean, but if it's Sunday, you know, it's not going to either or maybe I'll get Popeyes. Well, we're from Louisiana. Yeah, we live in Louisiana, so we have Popeyes and Popeyes beats both. Yeah. Hot take. Hot take.

Ryan (13:41.348)

Ryan (13:44.604)
the day of rest.

Ryan (13:51.995)
Really? Dude, our Popeyes in Denver was not a good, I think that's the only one we ever tried because we were like, Popeyes is not for us, but maybe closer to home it's better, I don't know.

brittys kitchen (13:59.219)
No good?

brittys kitchen (14:04.331)

brittys kitchen (14:09.886)
Yeah, was Popeyes and Baton Rouge first? Is that the first one? I think it is. I think we have like store one in Baton Rouge of Popeyes and Raising Canes.

Ryan (14:21.809)

brittys kitchen (14:23.414)
But yeah, Popeyes over both. That might not be true. It's definitely true. Don't fact check me on that. But yeah.

Ryan (14:29.723)
Final answer. So should I call you Brittie? Brittie. You're churning out an impressive amount of content. It must take a lot of discipline. How do you prep for your videos? How do you prep the food? What's your day to day like?

brittys kitchen (14:37.618)
Oh, call me Bradyboo.

brittys kitchen (14:46.818)

brittys kitchen (14:55.786)
Okay, that's a good question. So I work from eight to five every day in a sales job right now. During the day, I edit my video from the night before so, and I grocery shop during my lunch break. So I'm editing, so it's, I'm, I hope my employer is not listening to this. But I'm editing from about eight to 10 and then I post.

And then I go to the grocery store on my lunch break, run by the house, drop the food off, get back from work around 5.15, take a walk with Holly and our dog, and then I'm cooking around 5.45. And I basically select what kind of is cool and not cool at the same time about like my content is that's literally our dinner every night.

doing a whole production and they're maybe filming just at a random time of the day. But like ours is pretty functional, which is good and bad for the content quality. Like a lot of my, I put out five or six videos a week and a lot of them are like really quick week night meals because we don't want to eat at 10 o'clock at night. But yeah, that's pretty much my day. And then I'm done cooking around nine.

And then she doesn't let me edit after all that. So we have a little quality time. And then editing in the morning, like I said, yeah. So it's a full day. It's probably, I'd give it seven hours, seven to eight hours of content stuff. Cause I'm also, you know, communicating with brands and, you know, reaching out to my fellow creators and staying on top of.

Ryan (16:35.091)
Good roll.

brittys kitchen (16:53.046)
liking and commenting their stuff, which is the biggest hassle in the world, but it's important. Yeah, it's two full-time jobs. I'd say all in all, I work probably 16 hours a day.

Ryan (17:12.449)
Can I ask what your sales job is?

brittys kitchen (17:15.358)
Commercial lighting. I do like restaurants and schools, parking lots, medical office buildings. I do like design the space sort of sometimes and bid on government jobs and contractor type jobs.

Ryan (17:17.074)

Ryan (17:37.424)
Nice. Favorite book?

brittys kitchen (17:38.508)

Favorite book, the flavor Bible or Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Salman Nostrat. I believe it's what her name is. Those are my favorite food books. I like, what was it? Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut is a good book. That's what it's called, right? I've read that. I know I have. I also, I'm more into like manga than books.

Yeah, manga is literature. So I'm really into like Chainsaw Man is a big one for me and Jujutsu Kaisen and One Piece. A lot of the big mangas out right now I'm pretty heavy into and caught up on.

Ryan (18:32.303)
Alright, very good. Alright. Uh, let's see. If you could be reincarnated as an animal, what's it gonna be? What animal?

brittys kitchen (18:34.792)
Hehe. Man. Heh.

brittys kitchen (18:45.122)
I'm gonna give that one to Hollygurl. Whoa. Give that one to Hollygurl.

Let's say a cat, a domestic house cat, or...

Yeah, I'm using a cat.

Ryan (19:02.909)
I am right there with you. I don't know if it would be in my top three because I think cats have a good time.

brittys kitchen (19:10.926)
They do. Just to be able to explore wherever outside and yeah. Or like maybe a kangaroo. Ooh. Marsupial. Yeah. And the pocket. Yeah, that pocket. She loves dresses with pockets so I think that makes sense. Who doesn't?

Ryan (19:20.991)
Hmm. Have a good one.

brittys kitchen (19:40.258)
bear, like a bear close to a nice water source. Not a polar, I'd say a grizzly bear like with a nice fresh brisk river around that has salmon. Good stuff like that, we love salmon.

Ryan (19:45.343)
Grizzly, Polar, Black Bear.

Ryan (20:01.351)
Nice, hell yeah. Sweet, final question. I am coming to your city. I'm on a 42 hour flight from Dubai. I'm a little crabby. I need a cocktail. I need some food. Where am I going?

brittys kitchen (20:20.346)
Where you gonna go? British Kitchen? You're coming to British Kitchen.

Ryan (20:21.628)
Yeah, where's the top?

Okay. Is it? Do I just reach out to you for that? Okay.

brittys kitchen (20:29.802)
Yeah, absolutely. I got a great cocktail for you. It's a diet Arl Palmer and vodka. It's called a John Daly. It's very simple and low calorie and wonderful. And then we're cooking a nice dinner and watching a movie. But if I were to shout out Baton Rouge restaurants, I would say a Boru Ramen serves about the most.

Ryan (20:38.797)

Ryan (20:49.242)

brittys kitchen (20:57.902)
soul quenching bowl of ramen you'll ever have in your life. I recommend the rouge red tonkatsu or the chicken pie ton. Very good. And then another restaurant would be, I guess...

brittys kitchen (21:15.178)
Tsunami sushi is very good. It's got nice views of the Mississippi River. It's great to take Jill to.

Ryan (21:22.111)
Perfect. Oh yeah. Awesome guys. Well, thank you. I don't think I really got into character. I think this is me, but maybe we'll get there one day.

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