Our Restaurant Aprons

Why Denim?

When we first set out to make an apron, sourcing the right materials was one of the most challenging aspects. We wanted a fabric that was durable, stylish, and made with integrity. Working closely with our chefs and restaurant co-workers at the time, we listened to their feedback and made prototype after prototype, testing how each apron wore and how it held up in the wash. 

After many discarded samples, we finally realized the answer had been in front of us all along. What is more durable or stylish than the fabric we wear every single day: denim? 

We work with high quality American, Japanese, Turkish, and Italian denims. Many of these fabrics are milled in small batches, so our collection is always evolving. This ever-changing lineup is what excites us. What is here today, may be gone tomorrow.  Because we use industrial machines, we can easily work with heavier weight denim, resulting in a premium apron that will outlast all the others. 

Here are some other features that set us apart from the competition: 

Apron Ties 

Ever have a shredded apron tie? Yeah, us too. We use heavy-weight cotton webbing that holds up to heavy use. They are the thickest we've seen on an apron. 

Bar-tacked Pockets 

A bar-tacker is a machine they use on outdoor gear like climbing equipment. But, we like to use it on our aprons. Each apron pocket is bar-tacked at stress points to ensure the pocket won't come unstitched. 

Good Design

Our design philosophy is simple: less is more. Yeah, we could cram more pockets and features into an apron, but why? How much stuff do you really want floating around in your pockets? A light touch goes a long way. 

America Made, Colorado Proud

We are a husband wife team based in Denver, Colorado. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and guarantee satisfaction no matter what. Every single apron is handcrafted by us. And, you probably could have guessed, but Valentich is actually our last name. That's how serious we are about our aprons! We put our name on it. 

Knife Rolls

Why Waxed Canvas? 

Our love affair with waxed canvas actually started long ago, back when we were a making bags (2010 - 2015). Waxed canvas is canvas that has been coated in paraffin wax. The wax gets completely embedded into the canvas, making it waterproof while giving it that classic, crinkly look. The canvas will actually develop a patina with use, similar to leather. It's what cowboys used to use as rain slickers. It's extremely durable and it just makes sense in the kitchen. If cared for properly, a waxed canvas anything will last you a lifetime. 

Read more about the construction of our knife rolls here.