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- Jordan

I bought a chef apron from these fine folks and it is everything I was looking for! Genuine people putting out solid product. The standard kitchen apron around Denver and for good freaking reason. materials feel great (denim and canvas with heavy duty straps), and the craftsmanship is on point. this apron has the feel of an heirloom, something that will last me for years to come. oh yeah, it looks hella slick and I’ve gotten compliments in the few weeks I’ve been wearing it at work. Many thanks and keep doing what y’all do!

- Jordan

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Word on the street

It's been such a pleasure working with Jill and Ryan of Valentich to design aprons for both Tacoparty and Bin 707 Foodbar. Not only do the aprons perform better than anything else we've had the opportunity to use, they are also unique in fabrics used and most importantly super comfortable. In fact, we have had such great success with the high performance, comfortable, and unique aprons that we plan to use Valentich for all our future endeavors as well!

Josh Niernberg of Bin 707 + Tacoparty, Grand Junction, Colorado

We work hard in our Valentich aprons. They get wet, covered in flour, subject to intense heat from the wood fire oven, and they hold up! The aprons last and they wear nicely- they're solid, quality products. and while we prize function over form, the aprons are well-styled and have become a part of the Cart-Driver brand. Furthermore, we value the customer service that comes with Valentich Goods. From customizing the aprons and learning what would work best for our restaurant, to receiving the exact items we paid for (and in a timely fashion), we appreciated the attention that Ryan and Jill gave us. I believe that every business is in the business of hospitality, and that certainly rings true for Valentich Goods. Simply put- we'll order aprons from Valentich Goods again. They are a valued partner of Cart-Driver and its crew.

Andrew Birkholz of Cart Driver, Denver, Colorado

Justin Williams of Tavernetta, Denver, Colorado

When we were looking aprons we knew we wanted something special. First of all we wanted our aprons to be durable and comfortable for the demands of a busy restaurant. We also wanted our team to feel great wearing their aprons. Working with Valentich has been amazing, they understand and share our vision of hospitality.

Justin Williams of Tavernetta, Denver, Colorado

Hosea Rosenberg, Chef/Owner of Blackbelly & Santo, Boulder, CO

We have been thrilled to work with Valentich for the past few years. Our restaurants, Blackbelly and Santo, both proudly outfit our teams in Valentich aprons and we couldn't be happier. They have been very attentive, quick to respond, and the quality of the product is the best part. I consider them an integral part of our brand and look. I would recommend them to anyone!

Hosea Rosenberg, Chef/Owner of Blackbelly & Santo, Boulder, CO

We love working with Jill and Ryan. It’s such a pleasure to come across a company that understands the needs of their customers. Valentich’s attention to detail, quality of fabric and build really make their products stand out. The feedback from our customers, primarily professional chefs, is outstanding. The durability of the aprons and knife rolls stand up even in the toughest kitchens. Valentich is so thoughtful and accommodating to a small company like us. Our partnership with them has really helped us grow our business and help the community in Denver.

Tina + Craig of Carbon Knife Co

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Valentich designs and constructs gorgeous handcrafted aprons and other goods for craftsmen, artists, and culinary professionals. From our workshop in Denver, Colorado, we create heavy-duty utility aprons, stylish restaurant aprons, durable knife rolls, and the most comfortable backpacks you’ll ever own. Each artisan product is constructed using choice materials and thoughtful designs to make your job easier, your workspace safer, and keep your clothes cleaner. Our handcrafted aprons and knife rolls are available for one or for many. Our competitive wholesale pricing allows you to outfit your entire team without breaking the bank. Regardless of your needs, we’re confident that you’ll find the craftsman or culinary professional gear you’ve been dreaming of at Valentich Goods. Feel free to shop our selection today!