Hand Painted Valentich Aprons by boneBLACK

Hand Painted Valentich Aprons by boneBLACK - Valentich Goods

If you've been searching for that special gift for the person who loves to cook or mix up a cocktail - a gift you can't get anywhere else - we have just the thing for you: a personalized, hand painted Valentich apron. 

We've teamed up with Denver based artist, Lena Dechamps of boneBLACK who specializes in transforming your favorite pieces into wearable art by hand painting them with your favorite things. Her painting style is traditional/Americana and her designs often feature botanicals and florals. 

This collaboration was brought to life by Denver based restaurant and bar consultant, Alex Jump. Alex has long loved both Valentich Goods and boneBLACK, so when she was asked to come up with regional specific gifts for Food & Wine this year, they were top on the list. 

Valentich Goods Apron in Food & Wine Gift Guide 2023

An apron you wear every day should feel like yours and we can't think of a better way to make it yours (or theirs) than by having Lena create something special just for you.

Whether it's your favorite ingredients to cook with or the botanicals that make up your most loved digestif, a hand painted Valentich apron is sure to be the most special gift to give or receive this year. 

You can order your custom, hand painted apron by visiting boneBLACK here

We also collaborated with Lena on another special apron that has been in the back of our minds for years. We are so excited with how this came out. See the full details here.  

Rose Printed Apron by Valentich Goods