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Valentich Goods Bistro Aprons with Pockets

In addition to the full bib chef and restaurant aprons you see on our site, we also design and build bistro aprons, perfect for FOH. Our bistro aprons with pockets are made from the same premium denim and canvas we use for the rest of our restaurant aprons.

Long Server Bistro Apron with Pockets

They are designed with our signature fold over top to hide the apron tie. Our bistro apron pockets are designed to perfectly fit your pen, wine key, lighter, serviette, and order book. Bistro aprons are also great for chefs who prefer a waist apron. Use the pockets for your moleskine, sharpie, and tweezers.

Our full bistro apron hits just above the knee. Our half bistro apron hits mid thigh for a more casual look and feel. 

Half Bistro Apron


We also have a shorter skirt or cocktail style apron. 


Grey Short Bistro/Cocktail Apron

All of our bistro aprons and cocktail aprons are available as a custom order. Please shoot us an email if you are interested in sourcing bistro aprons for you or your team!