Chef Apron Style

Chef Apron Style - Valentich Goods

I put together this fun little infographic to show what style of aprons chefs like the most. Cross-back or classic straps? Prints or solid colors? Data was collected from over the past year and does not include any of our wholesale apron accounts. 

It seems like most chefs like to play it safe, sticking with the classic strap style and solid colors. The Mystery Apron is our best-seller, and at just $50, this did not come as a surprise to me! Our mystery apron is such a great introduction to our brand and the majority of people who buy this apron as their first, return again and again for more. For chefs or home cooks who want an affordable, but premium apron, this is it! 

It will be interesting to see how these numbers change as we introduce new aprons into the mix. 

Chef Style Infographic by Valentich Goods