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Custom || Lady Jane - Valentich Goods

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Jack Soffes, owner of popular Cap Hill coffee shop & bar, Hudson Hill, and the soon to be Lady Jane. He wanted an apron to match the art deco aesthetic, which, from the renderings, looked absolutely gorgeous. Lots of green, warm rusty browns, and golden tones throughout the space.

This is one of our favorite parts of doing custom work: meeting with chefs and restaurant owners to come up with something unique and special. We ended up going with a beautiful mossy green denim w/ brown leather ties and accents. He preferred a shorter apron length and an additional waist pocket. We love the way it turned out and will probably be adding it to the site soon. 

This apron is perfect for bartenders and baristas or anyone who wants an elevated classy look. 

Perhaps you know, we do a lot of custom work. Opening a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop? We'd love to hear your vision and create a custom apron that belongs in your space! 


Custom Denim & Leather Bartender Apron

Custom Denim & Leather Bartender Apron