NEW Industry Chef Aprons

NEW Industry Chef Aprons - Valentich Goods

We are so excited to introduce our brand new Industry Chef Aprons!  Designed with the working chef in mind, we took our OG chef apron and simplified it, creating an essential apron at an amazing price.  

Industry Chef Apron

 Available in five different color ways, we used premium fabric that is medium weight, but lighter than most of the denims and canvases we work with. Three of the colors (black, navy, and stone) are wrinkle-resistant, distinguished by the WR in the title. 

Black Industry Chef Apron WR

Black Industry Chef Apron


Navy Industry Chef Apron WR

Navy Industry Chef Apron



Stone Industry Chef Apron WR

Stone Industry Chef Apron


We felt wrinkle resistance was an important feature for professional chefs working in busy kitchens. The fabric is soft, but sturdy, hanging nicely on the body without restricting movement. The other two colors (moss and salt + pepper) our 10 oz canvas, offering a rugged and durable option for chefs that prefer the feel of a heavier fabric. 

Moss Industry Chef Apron

Shop Moss Industry Chef Apron


Salt + Pepper Industry Chef Apron

Salt + Pepper Chef Apron


Keeping comfort top of mind, we went with our grommeted cross-back straps for these aprons. We have found that this style tends to be the most comfortable and flattering, offering a truly customizable fit for different body types. The strapping is the same heavy weight cotton we use for all our aprons, extra long to accommodate chefs who like to tie in the front. We also added a simple leather keeper to ensure the straps stay organized and tidy along your back. 

Cross-Back Industry Chef Apron

And, of course, we had to include our signature slanted pocket on the chest. We kept it simple with two slots for your sharpie and tweezers. 

Navy Industry Chef Apron Slanted Pocket

Our Industry Chef Apron is a great every day apron for the working chef or passionate home cook. We see it as a staple for every chefs closet. Shop the collection today!