Reasons to Own a Professional Chef Knife Roll

Reasons to Own a Professional Chef Knife Roll - Valentich Goods

It’s essential to have a chef knife roll wherever you go. Whether you need to transport knives for an all-star dinner or to keep up your pro chef image, you’ll always want at least one of our knife rolls with you.

Transporting Your Knives Safely

Our roll-up knife holder will safely transport your knives wherever you’re allowed to bring them. You’ll no longer have to place them in a standard bag or near valuables that might get scratched. With knife rolls like our Camo Waxed Canvas Knife Roll and Charcoal Waxed Canvas Knife Roll,  you’ll have plenty of space to securely fit your knives or spoons in one spot.

Most of our roll-up knife holders can transport a total of ten knives or spoons at once—three small, four medium, and three larger ones. We want you to have the ability to travel with the necessary equipment to be fully-prepared for special events like cooking at the James Beard House, or showcasing at your talent at the Aspen Food and Wine classic.

Acting Like A Professional Chef (even if you aren’t one)

Keep up your professional chef image with our roll-up knife holders. As soon as someone sees you get out your chef knife roll from Valentich Goods, they’ll do a double-take. They’ll wonder what culinary school you went to and be instantly impressed by the tools you’ve brought for the table. Even if it’s a simple task like cutting up potatoes, our knife rolls will make you look and feel like an all-star.

Being a great chef isn’t easy. No matter how difficult it may be for you when you first start, don’t give up! With practice and the right tools like our chef knife roll, you’ll get there. There are plenty of resources that can help you improve your skills, such as watching professional chefs on YouTube or researching articles about different ways to cook the same meal. Our knife rolls will bring you one step closer to mastery.