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Are you a proud owner of one of our waxed canvas work aprons? Heirloom quality, these tough and durable aprons will probably outlast you. As you might imagine, we have quite the apron collection, but nothing gets used around the house or studio more than our waxed canvas aprons. I think they're the perfect piece of work wear for whatever you do. I use mine as I draw, clean, cook, and garden. Ryan uses his as he saws through wood, paints, or wrenches on his bike. Both of our aprons are well loved and used. 

Worn Waxed Canvas Work Apron

What Is Waxed Canvas and Why Do We Use It?

Waxed canvas is one of our favorite materials. Used back in the day for rain-slickers, waxed canvas is a premium fabric that is waterproof, spill and tear resistant.  Waxed canvas is cotton finished with a paraffin wax coating that completely impregnates the fabric, turning the canvas into a material more similar to leather. The wax is what gives each apron or bag that beautiful crinkly look and with time, your apron will develop a patina as unique as you. Waxed canvas is the perfect fabric for our work aprons, because it is designed to be used and abused. With proper care, it can last a lifetime and then some. 

We also use waxed canvas to construct our knife rolls. ;) 

Caring For Your Waxed Canvas Apron 

Waxed canvas is fairly low maintenance. To clean, simply hose it off or spot clean with a soft brush, mild detergent, and luke warm water. Over the years, you may notice bare spots -- places on your apron where the wax has worn off. To touch up, we recommend applying Martexin Original Wax. Simply dab a bit on, hit it with with a blow dryer to distribute evenly, and you're back in business. 

Waxed Canvas Work Apron Features

We build our aprons with a divided chest pocket, perfect to keep a notebook, pen/pencil/sharpie, and cell phone. The waist pockets are divided into two large pockets and one shallow pocket in the middle. Each pocket is double-stitched and reinforced with rivets at each stress point. Our signature cross-back straps are adjustable, grommeted, and close with a quick and easy buckle closure. We have 11 different color-ways available! Check out our work wear apron collection here. We like to say it's an apron that works as hard as you do, but it might work a little harder. ;) 

Work Hard,


Waxed Canvas Work Apron in the garden