Who Should Own Our Work Aprons?

Who Should Own Our Work Aprons? - Valentich Goods

You may be thinking that if you aren’t a chef, you have no use for a utility apron. In fact, there are other occupations that can benefit from using them as well. Our team has compiled a list of those who we believe can get serious mileage out of our Valentich Goods utility aprons.

Pet Groomers

Chances are that, if you’re a pet groomer, you’re probably all too familiar with loose cat and dog hair clinging to your clothes. You’re a person, so you shouldn’t look like a Wookiee every time you leave work. Our men’s and women’s work apron will help your regular clothes stay cleaner. This way you won’t come home to envious pets who are none too happy about the hair on you that isn’t theirs.


Whether you garden for work or pleasure, our men’s and women’s work aprons are perfect for you. The pockets allow you to keep your smaller gardening tools on you while moving around the garden. You’ll no longer have to worry about setting down your tools and then forgetting where they are.


We use top-grade materials while constructing our utility aprons. They’ll protect your clothing from most of the sawdust that comes your way while woodworking. This is ideal for both professionals and beginners, because nobody wants to be covered with sawdust and wood shavings. Pens for marking where to cut, knives for