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I'm in love

Best apron I ever got xoxo

Cross back neck relief

I ordered this apron with the full chest pocket. It is a beautiful apron with quality materials and construction.

I'm in love

Best f'n apron I ever got!

Great Product!

I ordered two of the Olive Green Bib Apron, Amazing! The quality of craftsmanship and materials are perfect. Size fits really well. Super happy!

Very well balanced. Might be perfect if the pockets were inverted

Adjustable straps helped greatly with the fit. It's sturdy but also not too heavy so I was able to run long shifts without feeling weighed down at the end of the day. I also like how the chest pocket is positioned to be less intrusive while working.

Unfortunately, I'm a lefty, so I frequently found myself reaching for a nonexistent lap pocket and had to get used to the chest pocket facing away from my reach, especially involving tweezers. The sharpie, I had little trouble

However, I knew and anticipated this when I put in the order. It's still a pleasure to wear and is my current go-to apron. I'm just bummed that I'm one of the minority who can't completely benefit from the pockets

Thanks for the great review! We can and do make Lefty specific aprons -- please get in touch when you place your next order and we'll be sure to switch the pockets for you!
Super durable, looks great!

I got the mystery apron and couldn't be happier. Not only were they able to give me something that fit what I needed but the angled upper pockets look great and are super functional on the line. The color and styling works great when I'm in the kitchen but also feels refined enough to wear when working private events in people's homes.

I ordered this apron as a gift. It was shipped promptly, arrived well packaged and well made with a lovely handwritten note (nice touch). The recipient has already used it many times in his home kitchen and couldn’t be happier. Thanks for a great online ordering experience.

This Apron is a Stylish Workhorse

Received my new Valentich apron for Christmas and absolutely love it. Fits like a glove, feels incredibly sturdy, and is quite slick looking. Works great on the line or in the test kitchen. I’m sold!


This is my fourth purchase of a Valentich apron and I am absolutely, in LOVE with it. Valentich makes some of the most beautiful, comfortable, stylish and rugged aprons on the market and I’m totally hooked on the angled chest pockets. That one feature alone is reason enough to forego your doubts and for you to just take the plunge and make the purchase.

I am a professional cook who works the line at least six days a week, and I am NEVER without my Valentich apron. I dare say I perform better with my Valentich apron than when I’m without it.

Thank you, Valentich for your craftsmanship and I am so looking forward to my next purchase from Valentich. Those gold aprons have been calling out to me.



I originally became aware of Valentich after searching for a knife roll that would suit my needs and aesthetic. I loved that their rolls could accommodate a Japanese knife with a 300mm blade. After owning one of their rolls for a few weeks, I purchased a pair of aprons from them. This is my third Valentich apron and by far my favorite. I LOVE the color, the gold stitching and how sturdy it is. It’s a purchase that I know will last me for many years to come.

Valentich’s aprons will easily outperform the standard cotton/poly blend aprons many restaurants, caterers and hotels use and is far more attractive and functional than the competition. I intend on purchasing a few more aprons from Valentich in the near future and I can’t wait.

Cheers and happy New Year. And thank you for creating such a wonderful product that more than lives up to its boasting.

Perfect, high quality knife roll

I’ve been searching for the perfect knife roll for a few years. I wanted something high quality, but different than the mass produced bags (and preferably made of canvas/leather). This fit the bill perfectly. It feels like I have a custom piece.


Got one for my boyfriend for Christmas, who works in a kitchen. Fits him perfectly and he loves it! He said he didn’t realize how “not well” his old aprons suited him until he got this one. I might have to get one for myself too ;)

The quality is very high. Soft, durable and sleek. Also shipped very quickly.
Thank you!

Christmas Gift

We purchased the knife roll for a gift for our grandson who is a chef. One of his friends had one and he really liked it and had it on his Christmas wish list. He was really excited to receive it. Thank you so much.

High Quality!

This apron is extremely well made. It was definitely made with love and will hold up to a lot of kitchen abuse. And the personal note thanking me was an extraordinary touch. Thank you, Jill and Ryan!


My purchase still has not arrived. I’ve ordered and received many things after this purchase coming from even further away and they are here

Fantastic utility apron!

I gave this to my friend who does a fair amount of metal work and he was very impressed. Thanks for great product!

great aprons

The aprons are very nice. I was a little concerned about getting mystery aprons, but could not be more pleased with what I received

Love it!

Looks great. Very happy with it!

You won't find better crafstmanship.

The feel, slight stretch, comfort, stitching, and overall feel of the apron is top notch. The design and style are super dope!


My son wanted this Christmas present from you for several reasons - you are local, custom make your aprons, they are practical, durable, comfortable, and besides that - they just look sharp! He recently appeared on the news - demonstrating Christmas appetizers, and smartly dressed in last year's order. Keep up the good work! And...Merry Christmas to all of you at Valentich!

Group Order / box becomes a piñata

Staff and I decided to all throw in and order a half dozen mystery aprons and we had a free for all when the package showed up to the kitchen...10 stars 5 out of 5 would recommend

Aprons are great quality, by far best for the money especially at $45!


Love it

Fantastic Knife Roll

A very practical and thoughtfully designed knife roll that suits my needs perfectly. Well crafted and stylish. I highly recommend!

Service Gift

I got this for my chef boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. It’s a very nice quality product and I would buy from them again! (The pics I’m attaching are of it already in use.)

Stylish and comfortable

I am very pleased with this apron. I got a lot of compliments the first time I wore it. Many of the kitchen staff and chefs asked me where I got it, and i told them! It is very durable and comfortable at the same time. It fit my body frame perfect and am excited and patently waiting to order another couple of aprons from you! Thank you ver much!!
Chef Joseph Angel