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Deluxe chef apron black

Great quality and looks great.

Awesome product!

Needed a smaller roll that traveled easy and was not so bulky. Great design and material.

Deluxe Chef Apron - Honey Gold

The best knife roll I’ve had in 25 years as a professional Pastry Chef

Your attention to detail is unsurpassed!!!!!! I made the right choice with this knife roll. As a professional Pastry Chef I appreciate quality in every area of my career.
BRAVO for helping me be the hippest Chef in the Kitchen.
I would recommend this product hands down.

Best Aprons Out There

Beautiful stitching, durable and detailed. I love my Valentich aprons.

Black Chef Apron
Peter Tompkins
Excellent Apron

Love the quality craftsmanship, fit and cross back option. Will be ordering more!

Great product

Got my 4 aprons in, nice design, good durability and it is great for professional long hour days too.

Burgundy Chef Apron
Ryan Singletary
Best color for an apron!

Will be seeing this apron soon in a magazine and maybe even the cover of the magazine too. Did a photo shoot today at work and had this apron on.

Best aprons

I’ve tried a few other big apron names and nothing compares to Valentich! They’re sturdy, high quality and built to last. Even with everyday use in the toughest kitchens. I have a few that are over 3 years old and still beat out any H&B apron. They’re local to, so that’s a plus! Keep it up guys, you’re my favorite!


This is my third Valentich apron and my first deluxe. I absolutely love it and the additional features from the basic are very useful!

Chef Challenge

We had received 2 different deluxe aprons for a a fun cooking challenge our kitchen was holding and the competitors looked incredible and very much fashionable! Love the quality and feel!


I haven't gotten the order yet. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Knife bag of my dreams

This color-way and size has been something I've been needing out of a knife roll. I scoured the internet and when I found this brand, I knew it was the right call. Shipping was fast and pricing is reasonable! Support independent companies and dreams y'all!!

Cobalt Grey Chef Apron
Jamie Rutherford
Quality stitching, fabric and design! The apron I’ve been looking for for years!

Loving my new apron! Softened up perfectly after the first wash, looks smart and the toes are wide and long for ample coverage. Love the slanted pocket design as well. Could be be happier.

I love my apron

Thank you so much !!

Cobalt grey apron

Looks and feels great! Hope to order more in the future.

Style meets Function

Love my new Deluxe Chef Apron! Thoughtful details and quality construction is the standard at Valentich and as a result expectations are always met! Thank you!!

Love it

Great apron! Best ones out there

Sh*t Slaps!

This thing is amazing! Very durable, clean and simple. What else could you ask for? Love the towel loop and the deluxe setup is perfect.

Deluxe Chef Apron - Burgundy

Deluxe Chef Apron - Olive
Valentin Castaneda

One of the best if not the best aprons I have ever owned!

Cobalt Grey Chef Apron
Tyler Kineman

Best apron I’ve ever put on, made of quality material. 10/10

Mystery Knife Roll
Kelly Kenney

So dope. Love it

Perfect Addition to the Arsenal

If you are in the market for an apron and you are on this website, do yourself a favor and pick one up. Price wise, it sits with the other, more notable brands but I feel that my Valentich apron has a heft and quality that my other aprons do not have.
I have always been a fan of speckled denim and it is put to good use here. It looks smart and goes with everything. Though thick, the fabric and the way the apron sits on the body after adjusting the fit really allows for freedom of movement. You know it's there but it is never cumbersome and has yet to have gotten caught on pour spouts or random edges around the bar.
I am 5'10" and the medium size fits perfectly, and I am glad that they offer the cross-back option for the straps.
Keep in mind that these aprons are made, by hand, when you order them so expect a few weeks from then to delivery.
If you are looking for a quality apron, you can't do much better. Cheers!