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Never received them !

Mystery Denim Bib Apron
Anne Marie West
Mystery Denim Bib Apron

I love getting the mystery apron. These were the best yet!!!

Top of the line quality and craftsmanship! Super comfortable and looks great!

Burgundy Chef Apron
benjamin theisen
Great Apron

Functional, stylish and built like a tank. Last apron I will need to buy (but it won’t be because I want other colors and styles)

Great Customer Service

First - the aprons themselves are high quality, gorgeous and comfortable.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, when the first shipment of aprons arrived, I realized not only that I should have ordered a small (I’m 5’1”), but there was a mixup on Valentich’s side regarding the apron styles I had ordered and the ones I received. Jill responded promptly to my email, sent a free shipping return slip, and exchanged all the aprons for the correct size, style and colors. The cobalt grey is my favorite, but I adore my burgundy and honey gold aprons as well. I love both the cross back and classic styles, thought would probably go with the classic again in the future.

Jill was amazing, Valentich is amazing, and I’m a satisfied customer who will absolutely be ordering again in the future. Thanks so much!

amazing apron

once again Valentich proves to be a superior quality apron. Smaller businesses like them using better textiles to make an apron that will make you prouder when you wear it.

Burgundy Chef Apron
joe turkaly
burgundy apron

The are the best aprons I have ever used I my 35 years of professional cooking. They look wonderful and obtain a wonderful unique were pattern. With denim and ties far superior to the mass made competitors Valentich proves that smaller companies are the smartest choice

Black Chef Apron
joe turkaly
black apron review

yet again I am so happy with another purchase. Their aprons use a thicker denim and wide sturdier ties.

Great size and quality

The matching apron and knife roll i received are of the highest quality and the perfect size for even my longest slicer. 10/10 would recommend Valentich Goods for any real chef with larger knives. I don't think I'll ever need to buy another knife roll.


I was looking for a not so flashy, high quality knife roll. This is that.

Cobalt Grey Chef Apron
Carlos Grijalva Jr
Missing parcel

It’s not Valentich fault. It was supposed to arrive yesterday & nothing. The UPS tracking information is still the same. That it was expected to be delivered by 9PM on Wednesday 12/7

Mystery Knife Roll
Joel Stanojevich

Mystery Knife Roll

Mystery Knife Roll

Love all your products !

Very nice

Quality materials, strong sturdy and well built. 10/10 would buy again :)

Definitely my new favorite aprons!

Aprons are top quality and comfortable to wear! Customer service is great too! I like that they are made to order and therefore a few adjustments could be made. Flexible payment options are a bonus! Highly recommend.
Jill and Ryan are the best!

Honey Gold Chef Apron
Amanda Salazar

i love the quality of the apron, i use theses in my hotel kitchen every day with our team. some of the best aprons out there

Love love love

The best aprons on the market!!

It was long !!! but!!! Is worth for the wait:)

thank you for giving me a colour which I like and the quality is amazing. Thank You ❤️

Deluxe chef apron black

Great quality and looks great.

Awesome product!

Needed a smaller roll that traveled easy and was not so bulky. Great design and material.

Deluxe Chef Apron - Honey Gold

The best knife roll I’ve had in 25 years as a professional Pastry Chef

Your attention to detail is unsurpassed!!!!!! I made the right choice with this knife roll. As a professional Pastry Chef I appreciate quality in every area of my career.
BRAVO for helping me be the hippest Chef in the Kitchen.
I would recommend this product hands down.

Best Aprons Out There

Beautiful stitching, durable and detailed. I love my Valentich aprons.

Black Chef Apron
Peter Tompkins
Excellent Apron

Love the quality craftsmanship, fit and cross back option. Will be ordering more!

Great product

Got my 4 aprons in, nice design, good durability and it is great for professional long hour days too.