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Live a Little, Have Some Fun, Grab a Mystery Apron

OooOooh mystery apron...scary. Is the random selection really worth the discount? I say YES.

When I ordered, I made a couple small requests knowing they had no obligation to accommodate me. Their customer service was responsive and friendly. When I received my apron, it matched exactly what I hoped for in color, design, and fit. I gotta say, I do feel a twinge of guilt that I paid such a heavy discount for a mystery apron that now seems like a custom order.

Look, I don’t want to make any guarantees on their behalf. After all, you’re paying a heavy discount because it’s NOT a custom order. You know what you’re getting yourself into. So maybe you get something that isn’t exactly what you were envisioning. Maybe I was lucky. But whatever you get, I doubt there’s a single apron from their studio that doesn’t exude quality and style. I’ve seen my share of aprons and what I got from Valentich is on par with premium, commercial aprons that would have cost me three times the price.

I’ll be buying again with confidence in their product.

Lovely Apron

Thrilled with my mystery apron. Love the durability and pattern.

The perfect apron!!

I had been seeing an ad for this company for quite sometime and decided to take a chance on the mystery denim apron. I’m glad I did! I got lucky and got the apron I really liked! Just the right style and color. The apron itself is well made and have already withstood some baking/cooking sessions. It’s easy to clean and the pockets really do come in handy. I’m super happy with my purchase!

Mystery Apron Worth It

I just received my mystery apron, and you can’t ask for anything better when it comes to aprons. And it’s fun doing the mystery apron too because you’ve got no clue what you’ll get. Already thinking about doing another mystery apron soon.

Nice apron

High quality denim apron that is durable and stylish. The crossback style is more comfortable than a standard bib apron. The only qualm I have is that the material gets really stiff and wrinkly after washing. You have to use fabric softener and iron it.